We build in accordance with applicable standard.

It is not a secret that most of our homes are set up in Norway and we deliver Norwegian standards. Our buildings are designed according to pre-accepted solutions from NBI and Technical Regulations. Trusses and beams are supplied with C24 strength approval / stamped. Other building materials are CE approved according to the requirements of the plan and the Building Act. Building materials that we use are from Rockwool, Norgips, Tyvvek, Siga, Ruukki etc. These are all prominent brands that are widely used in Norway.

Latest Technology

Scandinavian Standart
We are constantly getting updated on the development of our subcontractors. We constantly have courses and we follow-up on new products that are released on the market. In our wall elements, only the best is good enough and it provides security for our customers.
There are many benefits to building house elements in a factory. Our customers say that the biggest advantage of using prefabricated elements is the time savings this provides. When using prefabricated elements, you move work tasks from the construction site to the factory. It provides shorter construction time and reduced costs.
Our customers largely assemble the elements themselves with our representative as a supervisor. We always want to bring someone who follows up on the construction site and ensures that everything goes smoothly. After the elements have been assembled we will adjust the windows and balcony doors before we leave the rest of the construction project to the customer.